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With good fortune and a great hair-do. You'll bring honor to us all

Mulan tugged nervously at the collar of her dress, careful not to muss up the make-up which had been slathered on her face. She popped her lips together, barely resisting the urge to chew on the lower one.

This is for your country.

That is what she was told... and what she continued to tell herself. But this is what her country really wanted for her? She stood in an elaborate room, someplace far away from home. The ride across the ocean had been hell, everything about this trip had been hell. She preferred the rigors of the army over this. She had been treated as a princess. She had been trussed up, dolled up, and prepped to meet an emperor... someone she had never heard of before.

And she was supposed to marry him?

All she had been told before being whisked away to this foreign country was that it would be good for her country and it's people. Something about diplomatic relations....

If it was for her country... her people... her family... she had to do it.

It had been a short year since she had saved her country, her hair had grown back nearly back to it's full length, she had kept in touch with her friends from the army... and Shang... Shang, they had been having whisperings of marriage, of him asking her parents permission to take her as his wife....

Then this had come up.

She pushed her lips together again. No use in living in the past. She'd have to get used to the future presented to her now.


She jumped at the voice, but tried hard to keep her "demure" facade....

Did someone just kick open the door?

[ooc: FFT I hope it's good. :) LET THE GAMES BEGIN >8)

Also. Imma say she's in this, hair the same style, with her full face make up 8D

a friend in need!

WHEN After shit gets REAL for Megs
CANON a crack AU of AU's where Babs exists in D_A but doesn't attend

[Bab's was currently waiting. She had received a few.... cryptic texts from Megamind, and like with her boss, that was never a good sign. She had been happy that he was moving beyond what happened in Metrocity... building a new life somewhere else, even if it was that mysterious academy.

She was still... hurt? Disappointed? She wasn't sure there was a word for how she felt at the news of Metroman's death, suffice to say, though, she hadn't touched that subject with anyone. Not even Batman.

However, she had.... borrowed the batplane for tonight after texting Megs to meet her at some coordinates near the school. She would have come to the school more... formally, but the texts seem to imply that her appearance as a civilian may just rile up more trouble.

So, here she sits, on the wing of the batplane, tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream with two spoons sitting on the top.

She just hoped he didn't make his entrance too flashy
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Canon [ profile] disney_academy (But will probably remain crack. PROBABLY)

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